Reality capture and state-of-the-art AR navigation

Immersive, accurate to the millimeter and flexible

Digital twins of buildings, exteriors, facilities and other walkable objects are versatile. They form the basis for building management, Industry 4.0, smart buildings and smart cities. Digital twins can be used throughout the entire life cycle of a building and are a promising technological concept for achieving important objectives of the European Green Deal. AR Navigation helps to reach the destination for large complex objects.

All levels of management benefit

The digital control and information center

Use digital twins for building and site management, planning, optimization, presentation, maintenance, training or sales. By leveraging past data and extensive real-time surveys, we create a holistic digital image of the property that is constantly updated and evolving. This technology enables a completely new level of transparency and generates extensive knowledge about the building and its operation in the sense of a smart building.


AX Workshop


Mit dem AX Workshop verwalten Sie User, Modelle und Kollaboratoren und erstellen verschiedene Views mit kategorisierten Logins. Die zahlreichen Erweiterungen wie Points of Interests, Minimap, Kachelmenus, virtuelle Inszenierung, und viele mehr machen den digitalen Zwilling zu einem interaktiven und produktiven digitalen Raum. Profitieren sie ausserdem von der automatischen Grundrissgenerierung und lassen sie sich ein 3D BIM Modell erstellen. Der AX Workshop garantiert die unabhängige Weiterentwicklung direkt und für den Endkunden.


Orientation and navigation in VR Space via minimap or directly live on site with augmented reality.

Tile Menu

Overview and visitor guidance. Betten Sie Direktlinks. Bilder, Videos und Musik ein. Accessible anywhere in the Space.

Categorized POIs

Label points of interest with different viewing rights depending on login. Integrate images, videos, audio, iFrames, links and external applications.


Measure to the centimetre. Determine distances and areas and save them directly in Space.

Indoor Staging

Experience enhancement. Place static or moving 3D models in virtual space.


Even more immersive. Visit the virtual room without installing additional software.

Floor plans

Accurate to the millimetre. Thanks to high-precision scans, you can create floor plans of your property with just a few clicks.

BIM Ready

All in one. Export BIM models with the classification for your needs.

High resolution image files

From any view. Capture detailed images or 360° panoramas.

User Management

Manage access rights. Create different views for different users in the same Space.


On the pulse of what’s happening. Track in real time and traffic.

Google Street View Integration

Implement your showcase natively in Google Street View.


Connect different buildings with each other

Combine your virtual tours with 2D or 3D drone imagery, 3D photogrammetry, world maps to create a cohesive experience of larger building complexes, production areas, hotel facilities, event facilities, parks, sports fields, campuses, and worldwide locations.

Augemented Reality Navigation

Easy and intuitive creation of AR experiences

Create robust AR navigation with precise positioning, digital directory, turn-by-turn, optimized routes, and visitor management. This AR navigation combines many new technologies into one platform, including artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), machine learning (ML), digital LIDAR twins, 3D models and more.