AR Working Instructions

Create Work Instructions Quickly and Easily

Page-long work and operating instructions are neither read nor used, and creating video instructions is usually time-consuming or very expensive. The new alternative is called GIRI: a mobile app that makes it quick and easy to create and share step-by-step instructions in just a few minutes – without any prior knowledge. Create work instructions and SOPs in augmented reality that everyone understands in minutes with the GIRI platform.

On site

Scan QR and Retrieve Operating Instructions

62.3% better employees in 30 minutes. Easier and cheaper than other systems and previous working methods. Practical application for the ordinary worker with a high degree of enthusiasm and Return On Investement, also in view of the shortage of skilled workers.



AR work instructions in the digital twin

We also advise you on the integration of CAFM and work instructions in the digital twin.

Guaranteed New and Useful

Silac AG
“Our apprentices love the GIRI app because it’s so simple and reflects their modern world. It is no longer a punishment to write instructions. Digitalization offers us opportunities in all areas, including the digital twin.”

Flex Tools
“Since we started using GIRI, we no longer get support calls from 50 service centers.”

Aare Plast
“No one read our instructions correctly. With GIRI, we consistently achieve the highest quality in our 3-shift model.”

“With GIRI, we have documented our standards in such a way that someone will look at them.”

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