We integrate virtual and augmented reality

into your business processes.


Reality Capture (VR)

Building and/or outdoor areas

With our technology we create 3D and photorealistic digital twins of any type of space. Homes, offices and hotels to factories, stores, aircraft and outdoor areas. In doing so, our lidar mapping systems generate scalable and high-quality data within a very short time, which can be extended with our in-house programmed features.

Augmented Reality

3D models and design concepts

Present your products and design concepts as realistic 3D models “live” in their natural environment without having to transport them there. Enable a real-world experience to accelerate decision making.


Economical and Ecological

Thanks to the location-independent accessibility to virtual content and data, you save travel time and costs, be it during operation, inspection, presentation, maintenance, planning, design, etc.. This also has an impact on environmental compatibility. Every company is different and has different needs and goals. Our aspiration for a sustainable VR project with lasting added values, a clear ROI and clear environmental goals runs through the entire development and production process.


Less travel time, costs

due to less on-site visits


Reduced project time

thanks to virtual team collaboration


Less CO2 emissions

due to reduced travel needs


Training optimization

due to virtualized learning processes

Customers and Partners

We maintain our customer and partner relationships on an innovative and trusting basis and strive to always exceed the high expectations. Innovation, agility and progress are our trademarks.

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On the Pulse of Time

VR and AR as Megatrend

The benefits are manifold and extend across the areas of communication, advertising, sales, entertainment, management, education, research, design, construction, medicine and much more. Trend research assumes that VR and AR will decisively shape and permeate everyday business in the coming years. The technologies are sometimes disruptive in nature and will challenge and reshape business processes. Investment bank Goldman Sachs sees the market-changing potential of VR and AR on the same level as that of the computer in the 1990s or that of the smartphone in the 21st century.

Trendone Digital Evolution