Augmented Reality

3D Objekt Visualisation

AR is already widely used in many large companies in various areas. Akrotonx has set itself the goal of making its benefits available to smaller and medium-sized companies as well. This includes the creation of AR content, the presentation “live” in a natural environment and the integration into e-commerce and websites.

Real Environement

Visualize Your Product

The 3D objects that can be realistically designed in the AR Designer are digitally superimposed on reality using a cell phone, tablet or VR headset, thus enabling better contextual understanding and a more realistic experience of the model. Try it out for yourself right now. Scan the QR code with cell phone or tablet, et voila, the object can be placed anywhere in their current location.


Your Product as a 3D Experience

Photorealistic 3D models can not only be used as an overlay in a real environment. They also offer the possibility to enhance the user experience on your website or in your online shop. The customer experiences your product more “realistically” as a 3D object than in the two-dimensional representation with a simple photo. According to studies, 60% of online users prefer the possibility of rotating the object 360 degrees and zooming freely, while light and shadow change accordingly. Other studies show an increase in the sales rate of up to 30%.

Inexpensive and fast

The simple AR Design Studio

In the intuitive AR Design Studio, you can define shadows, exposure, reflection, surface structure, coloring and much more. In this way, you can make your model appear highly realistic. The results are directly visible in the AR Viewer – without cumbersome and time-consuming imports and exports. You work online via your browser.

E-commerce and craftsmanship in one

the AR Configurator

The solution to present even complex products online in a target-oriented way and to support their digital sales. No expensive, individual developments, but a well thought-out sales product that our customers work with in order to be able to adapt on a scale.