10th Expo 2023 VR Marketing Tour for Exhibitors

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Digitization is also opening up new opportunities for the trade fair world to expand the field of visitors. We have expanded into virtual space. To mark the 10th anniversary of Expo Energy Technology, a digital twin of the 2023 exhibition has been created. This means that the Expo will continue to be accessible to numerous visitors online as a 3D tour even after it closes. Take the opportunity and stay for more 12 months present.

The virtual tour is actively promoted:

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We offer you various options to benefit from the digital presence to profit.

Logo presence in the tour guide

Prominently placed logo in the tour guide with direct link to your booth. The tour guide is displayed at the start and can be called up by the user at any time.
CHF 290.00/12 months

Advertising banner in the navigation map

Visual presence of your brand in the minimap. The map is displayed from the beginning and serves as an orientation and navigation aid for the user.
CHF 220.00/12 months

Points of Interest (POIs) in your booth (recommended)

Place as many POIs as you like in your booth and fill them with informative content. Multimedia enabled (text, video, PDF, social, etc.) and various design options.
CHF 90.00/POI/12 months

Direct link to your booth

Url/iframe into your social media, homepage, linkedin, twitter, …
For more clicks and innovation awareness.
free of charge

> Tourlink IBG EXPO 2023


Secure your virtual presence now in the virtual show tour IBG 2023. Use the registration form or call us: +41 44 442 22 55.
We are looking forward to your message.

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On the Pulse of Time

In-house production?

Swiss companies such as Antaswiss, IBG Engineering and Silac are already exploiting the potential of three-dimensional digital twins and true-to-life 3D objects. They increase their productivity, efficiency and safety in production and reduce costs of maintenance, optimization and training.

In addition, they open up new sales and marketing channels and remain competitive within the framework of currently emerging macro trends.

Akrotonx is working with medium-sized Swiss companies that are just now looking to take advantage of the new possibilities offered by virtual and augmented reality and integrate them into their business processes.

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